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Welcome to Unique Unicorns! There are surprises around every corner! We are proud of our unique dream catchers. Do you have a favorite animal, or pet? Why not have their portraits put in a dream catcher? These unique dream catchers are great gifts. They look great in your home or office. We offer all kinds of styles of dream catchers, check out the dream catcher page! We are pleased to also offer your favorite animal or pet’s portrait painted beautifully with oil paints. Our artist puts every detail in every work of art. More details on the portrait page. Would you like to have an interesting art piece in your home? Look at the wall page! There you will see a unique way to display your favorite animals, or pets. We have the coolest jewelry available. We have searched the entire globe and found shed baby unicorn horns! We have made them into necklaces for you to enjoy! We have unique earrings for that unique look! Check out the jewelry page! Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed your stay. We are waiting to hear from you!

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